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Small miracles

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As I go through life, I occasionally encounter oddities so unexpected I think of them as small miracles. At least my interpretation is that some unseen force is at work, sending me messages of hope and faith.


After my mom died, a small yellow warbler came to our window for most of the first year, an example of the kind of messaging I mean.


Today I saw a small miracle, in a pot on the railing of the back deck. Although we have had several frosts, and although I have not planted pansies in the pot for at least three years, a little pansy plant was blooming in the pot.


I am a biologist, so I know these things can be explained away. There was a stray pansy seed in the pot. Pansies are hardy plants. The house wall was only a few centimetres away, protecting the pot from frost. I know these things but my interpretation stands. And I have only gratitude.







All my best,

Jane (a.k.a. Alexandra)

Written by jane tims

October 22, 2018 at 7:00 am

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