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writing a novel – another look at old churches

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As I write my novel, I am amazed at how many instances of abandoned churches I have encountered in my life.  I have come to think that I live at a time that will be remembered for a great turnover in our churches.  With the need for energy efficiency and financial stability, congregations are actively seeking the ideal ‘place’.

I understand why this should be so.  But I still love the idealized rural church of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Earlier this month, we took a drive to Saint Martins.  Near Garnett Settlement, we saw yet another re-purposed church.

old church near Garnett Settlement

This one was abandoned a few years ago, after there were only four parishioners to keep it going.  It was sold and has been turned into a country treasures gift store called the ‘Old Fangled Steeple’.

windows in old church near Garnett Settlement

The church still has almost all of its stained glass windows intact.



window - 'Jesus teaching by the sea'


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