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making November warm #3

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One way to keep warm is to expend energy.


The cold days are perfect for housekeeping projects. I am a collector and my house is overflowing. I am trying to downsize, make my world a little easier to navigate. During November, I want to attend to my kitchen, to return it to the beautiful space it was meant to be.


A few years ago, we decided to open the wall of a closet to make a throughway between our bedroom and bathroom. To do this, the closet had to be emptied and all of the closet contents ended up in the kitchen!


Our kitchen is quite large, 14′ by 14′. It has white cupboards with green knobs, faux-granite countertops and a grey faux-stone floor. As I did with other rooms in the house, I decorated the kitchen according to a theme. Strawberries! A thin decorative border of strawberries, leaves and berries, runs around the room about a foot from the ceiling.



The curtains are white with tiny red dots. I have a ceramic cookie jar shaped like a strawberry and a set of vintage cans with the same motif.




On the wall is a strawberry cross-stitch started by my grandmother and finished by me.



The wooden top to my dish-washing machine is painted with strawberries and my dishes are mostly (you guessed it) strawberry themed.



Sounds nice, right? Not so much. There are so many things crammed into the kitchen, you would be hard-pressed to name the theme!


So part of my ‘keeping warm’ in November is to empty my kitchen of non-kitchen things.


My process is:

Make a plan for the next day: identify the item to be removed;

Dust and clean the item;

Decide if it is to be kept, discarded or given to a second-hand charity;

Move it to the appropriate place.


So far, I have tackled a large Coleman cooler, my suitcase collection and a tote filled with swimming pool supplies. It is hard for me to let go of things. The Coleman cooler was easy to give away: we have another, newer cooler. The suitcases were harder; they included a set my husband gave me when I traveled so much in the 1980s. In the end, I decided to let them go; I have a smaller, newer suitcase. The pool supplies were harder. We don’t have a pool, but they include a beautiful inflatable palm tree. Every woman needs a beautiful inflatable palm tree. The tote remains in the corner of the kitchen.


Next I need to remove several items under the kitchen table. They include: the above-mentioned strawberry canister set; a tote of items collected for use at our camp; a set of plastic fruit that once belonged to my Mom. Any guesses which of these may be kept, discarded or given away????


Cleaning the kitchen will work in two ways to warm November:

1. the activity will be warming as I expend energy

2. making the decisions about keeping, discarding or giving away will take so much thought,

I will forget all about being cold.



All my best!

Stay warm!


Written by jane tims

November 16, 2022 at 7:00 am

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  1. Lovely!

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    November 16, 2022 at 7:51 am

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