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our little deck garden

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This is our best year yet for our deck garden. We have two Vegtrugs (filled with climbing yellow wax beans and parsley) and two bag gardens (a bag of soil supported by a table and planted right into the bag)! The bag gardens contain cucumbers and zucchini. In addition I have a pot filled with all the basil I’ll ever need.


my climbing yellow wax beans


So far I have had two feeds of beans (so good), three cucumber sandwiches (beyond wonderful) and NO zucchini (although, to be fair, there are three zucchini growing towards optimum frying size). Zucchini hate me. I also have a daily handful of parsley and basil (eye-opening and prevents scurvy – in my head I am often on planet Meniscus where foraging is necessary)!


my parsley garden … daily grazed!

my cucumbers … leaves are now huge!


All my best.

Stay safe!

Eat parsley to prevent scurvy (a joke).


Written by jane tims

August 15, 2020 at 7:00 am

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