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Each winter I do three things to stay warm and content:

  1. I drink tea; only a cup a day but it warms me inside
  2. I knit; mostly socks and just to keep up with my voracious need for warm socks
  3. I make lap quilts; I cannot think of a warmer occupation on a cold evening


My quilting project for this year may seem a little out-of-season. I took all the bits of Christmas fabric I have collected from various projects over the years and put them into a small patchwork lap quilt – just 40″ by 40″.  If my husband and son look closely they will see my husband’s Christmas necktie, little bags for ‘coal’-flavoured candy brought by Santa one year, a pair of Santa-patterned shorts I bought as a joke, remnants of the Santa Cool sock I won one year at work at Christmas and so on. When there was a ribbon or draw-string associated with the remnant, I just incorporated it into the quilt. Perhaps someone will use the coal-sacs for a little treasure.


not quite complete to the right of the Coal fabric … I will just sew another patch on the bare spot …


the two amber ribbons are part of a gift bag …


some of you who used to work with me may remember the year we decorated and I won the Santa Cool stocking in the lower left corner … those were the days!!!


Today I went to Fabricville and found two pretty Christmas berry-patterned fabrics to use for the back.




If you have read about my ‘quilting’ before, you will know that my stitches are long and uneven and they look more like basting than quilting. But my little quilts are solid. I keep them on every chair in our living room as another way of keeping the cold away!


I will show you the final quilt when it is done in a week or so.


Do you have small remnants of Christmas fabric and do you have a plan for them?



Copyright 2018 Jane Tims

Written by jane tims

February 12, 2018 at 7:00 am

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