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Meniscus: One Point Five – Forty Missing Days

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Know first, then judge … understanding one another may be the most dangerous part of any shared journey …

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As I write my science fiction Meniscus Series, I realize there are questions my readers may have about circumstances in the books. In fact, I have a few questions. Why are there no knives on the planet Meniscus? What is beelwort (revealed in Meniscus Five)? Why do people on a planet with interstellar travel walk wherever they go?


The biggest question in my own mind — what happens during the forty missing days in Meniscus: Crossing The Churn (between the time when the Slain is shot and the time when he and Odymn release her lock of hair to the wind)? As I thought about this, I began to write Meniscus: One Point Five.



Meniscus: One Point Five

Forty Missing Days

by Alexandra (a.k.a. Jane) Tims


When the Slain bails on his contract to sell Odymn to the Dock-winders, he is shot trying to escape. Odymn, who loves the Slain, cannot abandon him. She recruits Wen-le-gone, an Argenop elder and healer, to help her nurse the Slain back to good health. As they make their way toward the relative safety of the Themble, the trio must forage for food, save Odymn when she encounters a poisonous foe, and get to know and trust one-another. When Wen-le-gone leaves for his home, Odymn decides to stay with the Slain. As they continue on their journey, they work together to survive the dangers of the Themble Wood but in the end, memories of the past may be their biggest obstacle to building a life together.


Meniscus: One Point Five takes place near the end of the first book in the Meniscus Series, and tells the story of the forty missing days after the shooting of the Slain. Helping the Slain heal from his wounds and protecting him from the dangers of Meniscus may be the least of Odymn’s problems.





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